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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kelk 2000 - Calligraphy Software

The four calligraphy fonts, Naskh, Nastaliq, Thuluth and Shikasta in their current forms, have a history of over 700 years. During past centuries, the masters of calligraphy have perfected these fonts, and have created artworks that are pleasing to the eye. The rules of the combination ligatures in calligraphy are so complicated that it takes years of training and practice for someone to become a master in one of the Islamic calligraphy fonts. The famous calligraphers have a lifetime dedication to this art.

Kelk Installation Procedure
  • Run "kelk2000.exe" to start Kelk2000 installation on your computer
  • When it prompts you for an "installation password" type the following password : 1432000010044
  • After you finish installation you will be asked to reboot your computer, just reboot it
  • After computer reboots, run kelk2000 by double-clicking the program icon on your desktop and wait for the splash screen to appear. This screen will ask you to hit to configure the license, just hit
  • You will see "License Configuration" dialog. Copy the "Site Code" (18 characters) by selecting it and choosing "Copy" from the mouse-right-click menu
  • Run the accompanied "kelk2000KG.exe" , which is a key generator, and paste the Site Code you already copied in its field and hit "SiteKey" button
  • The keygen will generate a Site Key for you to use. Just select the generated site key and copy it
  • Now return to the license Configurator dialog and paste the site key into its field and hit "Validate" button
  • Congratulations ! You have now Kelk with UNLIMITED LICENSE. Use Kelk as you like !
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                1. Kelk is useful when a calligrapher needs to convert his own hand written work to a hi-res and large size, for any mammoth installation. It may be, for some people, expedient for making quick titles, especially when a good Khattat is not available, and for whom functionality rather than aspects of beauty, would be a priority for their job at hand.

                  Otherwise it can never, ever substitute the knowledge of structure of letters, of spacing, of juxapositioning, of the rules of bending the rule, and the whole composition, created by the calligrapher.

                  It is something like genetically modified foods. To say that Kelk has "amputated the hands of a calligrapher" as pronounced recently by a calligrapher-Shaikh, shows ignorance of the works of modern experts and past masters, and is evidence of a lack of understanding of the subtle nuances of Khat al Arabi.